PulseCode 에서 Psychic Modulation ($89) 라는 PCM Drum Machine 가상악기를 발표하였습니다. 

1980년대말 lo-fi sound 를 표방하고 나온 드럼 머쉰 가상악기 입니다.


 "sample-based drum synthesis" 개념으로 접근한 제품으로 그당시 빈티지 장비에서의 스펙인 12bit, 13bit 사운드와  Gated reverb 를 구현하여 그 당시 느낌이 나도록 만들었습니다. 그래픽 유저 인터페이스도 마치 80년대말 옛날 컴퓨터에서 보던 화면같이 만들었습니다.


이 악기로  EBM, Industrial, Electro, Coldwave, SynthPop 그리고 Synthwave 까지 다양한 작업에 사용할 수 있도록 만들어졌습니다.



특징요약 :

  • 8 Drum Engines for loading up a variety of Sound Elements.
  • Each Element is made up of 6 layers: Core, Grit, Hit, Body, Reverb and Noise.
  • All layers of each Element have been sampled in 13-bit using vintage gear.
  • Compressor, Filter and Saturation per Drum Engine.
  • 64-step Pattern Sequencer with lane for each drum.
  • Unique Pattern Offsets for creating variations to your patterns.
  • Multi-parameter Accents for each step.
  • Individual Speed and Length for each Sequence Lane (allows polyrhythms).
  • Adjustable Flams per step.
  • Flow: controls the movement and rythmic flow of each sequence lane.
  • Fracture: momentary buildups and breakdowns using snap-back controls.
  • Drum Mixer with Multiple Outputs for each drum.
  • Drum Fill Arpeggiator for automatic rolls, fills and more.
  • Pitchbender & Modwheel integration of Fracture and Flow.
  • Tight sync to Host tempo and position.
  • MIDI Learn and automation of most parameters.
  • Sub-presets: separate load/save settings for Drum Engine and Sequencer.
  • Double Click Parameter Reset.
  • Intuitive patch management system.
  • Default bank of 128 example presets.
  • Includes several Sounds Elements to start out.
  • More soundpacks will be available in the future.










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